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How To Dress Well

We speak to the touchingly intimate producer best known for his lush R'n'B and pop-tinged tracks on cult label Tri Angle Records

Since releasing his debut album ‘Love Remains’ on Lefse Records in 2010, Chicago-based Tom Krell - who goes by the moniker How To Dress Well - has been steadily building a legion of admirers. ‘Love Remains’ was something of an ethereal swirl of R&B, post-pop with an overlay of synth and falsetto tones - and the diversity continues with his latest release, ’Just Once’: a limited edition 10" of four orchestral songs released by online label, Love Letters Ink.

A striking and haunting collection of sounds, Krell intended the record as a tribute to a close friend who passed away last year. The tracks re-invoke previously released material but this time as a new story within a lush oeuvre. Each copy of the EP comes with a handwritten note from HTDW; an intimate gesture that perpetuates the ‘straight to the people’ streak of his output. When not working as a research assistant in post-Kantian Philosophy, he’s been busy laying down new tracks for a much anticipated upcoming LP. We stole him away from recording so we could get his low-down on a few of the finer things in life....


…..your vision of the future?     
Right now very positive. Mostly because I’m trying not to have one, trying not to over-determine things or be too resolute in my self-understanding you know?

…..the thing makes you smile?

Love, the music I'm making right now, the new music I'm obsessing over, lots of stuff.

…your earliest memory?

A family friend died in a plane crash. We were all watching tv. My uncle was visiting. It was 1988 or 1989... I remember thinking, this is a big deal.

...the best thing about where you're from?

Nature and Mexican food.

...your dream collaboration?

Tricky Stewart, Scott walker, oh, so many people!

... your favourite sound?

The human voice.

...on your playlist right now?

Holy other, ligetti, melnyk, ASAP rocky

….better The-Dream: ‘Yamaha’ or ‘Fast Car’?

Fast car by Xiu Xiu, or Fancy or Right Side of my Brain by The-Dream. it you’re most excited about?

My next LP!