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LuckyMe's Green Box Project

We speak to the Creative Director of the cult art and music label about their new interactive Green Box installation at Village Underground

Glaswegian art/music label LuckyMe have launched their new installation as part of Beck's Green Box project held at Village Underground in London. Built as an immersive sound and animation installation, the artwork interacts with your iPhone, where the audience will be able to see the LuckyMe Eye graphic merge with the characteristics of their talented signings from Hudson Mohawke, Machinedrum, Lunice, Jacques Greene, Nadsroic, Mike Slott, to American Men and more.

With two exclusive tracks played out per day, the Green Box will be an ever-evolving space with constantly updated tracks and visuals for uniquely individual experiences. We speak to Creative Director of the label, Dominic Flannigan, about the project and how it came about...

Dazed Digital: Can you describe the concept behind your audio/visual Green Box and how was it conceived?
Dominic Flannigan: The concept was to realise the 2D label art from our vinyl in 3D. We've changed the B Side label on our records for every release, giving the LuckyMe eye a new character for each musician. This seemed like an opportunity to continue to give the eye character - so it's a two & a half metre sphere which changes as you walk around the Green Box; it becomes the next record in our catalogue and changes colour, texture movement and plays music from that release. Myself and Konx Om Pax worked a long time at the subtle details so that the Lunice Eye looks like plastic, where the Jacques Greene Eye looks like marble and glass. It really was a sculpture.

DD: What kind of reactions are you expecting/hoping for from people observing your piece?
Dominic Flannigan: I'm one of those cynical guys. I'm not one of the sort of person that ever scans one those barcodes on a bus shelter to be pointed at a brands site. But this seemed different to me conceptually. The technology is really passive and Becks role is the facilitator of an artwork which is not in anyway informed by them. They genuinely asked us to do anything. These boxes just sit there on the street. It's not like my old shitty graffiti. It doesn't scream at people. The users who opt in to this work have to be inquisitive and will likely know of us to even see the work. And I think the reaction to it will be great. I've walked around it in the studio and I think the scale and resolution of it alone is satisfying. Then it really makes sense with headphones on.

DD: How does the nature of Beck's Art project coincide with your label? What is it about the two brands that work well?
Dominic Flannigan: Well we get a lot of offers from various people and the reasons for taking or turning down these sort of projects is fairly intuitive - but I guess based on how truly free we can be with the outcome to the brief. With this one there was the legacy of the Becks Futures prize and I had of course seen the artist bottles that they make. I heard that Warpaint, Nick Knight & Kenneth Cappello were already involved and I respect them. But the decision to work on this was based in the fact it was clear that the more lateral and weird we could design the work - the more they'd work to make it happen.

DD: What are you most excited about for LuckyMe at the moment?
Dominic Flannigan: Getting to do more of this. For the next few months we've got some showcases and we're putting out another three of four records before the end of the year. New Lunice, ANGO & Machinedrum records. There really are another 10 projects in the pipe that we're dying to tell people about but I've read so many interviews with people in the past that seemed to jinx shit. So I mean, just keep watching...

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