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Flowers And Sea Creatures

The new Montreal duo working with the likes of The Revenge and Ewan Pearson finally land on Buzzin Fly

Arriving as a perfect fit on Ben Watt’s label, Buzzin’ Fly, Belfast-born singer Graham Baxter and Greek musician Kosta Megalos form the new Canadian-based ‘alt-electronica’ duo, Flowers and Sea Creatures. With their unique sound co-produced by the likes of Ewan Pearson and The Revenge, their four-track EP positions Baxter's elevating vocals over Megalos' lush instrumentals. We speak to the Montreal duo about their laidback songwriting, swaying between more soft acoustic sounds and Balearic disco influenced electronica.

Dazed Digital: Why do you work so well as a duo?
Kosta Megalos: I think the best answer to that is that we compliment each other's strength and we respect each others spheres of influence. In other words, egos are firmly in check. I think that might be the best way to describe it. We're also very close friends.
Graham Baxter: I would echo that sentiment.

DD: In what ways has living in Montreal affected your music?
Graham Baxter:
I don't think it has had much impact on our music writing/sound but the I think the culture/energy of the city's arts scene has had an impact on our personalities and perhaps that has filtered through. Montreal is in a Francophone province and it is quite a cosmopolitain city in which French, English and Allophone mix quite easily. Montreal is a very laid back, artistic and tolerant city - quite liberal.
DD: There's a laconic quality about your work that seems to stay consistent throughout. Do you consciouly attempt to try create these sounds or do they come naturally in the creative process?
Graham Baxter: I think it reflects our personalities and writing styles. Neither of us are overly animated. I would prefer to sing less words but through a strong melody than the opposite. I try to write melodies and lyrics to float on top of Kosta's music and in a way, duck and dive around the synths and weave a story-line, if possible, therein.
Kosta Megalos: I'm laid-back too. My ideal creative process is writing very late at night, alone with a bottle of red, and immersing myself in sounds and textures until I arrive at something that resonates...

DD: What influences would you cite past and present as having a major impact on your style?
Kosta Megalos: Early Cure, Kraftwerk, Georgio Moroder, Anne Clark, Art of Noise.
Graham Baxter: Chet Baker, Miles Davis, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, George Michael.
DD: Who would your dream collaboration be with?
Kosta Megalos: David Harrow.
Graham Baxter: Marvin Gaye, Underworld.

DD: What do you have in store after the release of your album?
Kosta Megalos: Live gigs and more music.
Graham Baxter: More music and live gigs.

Flowers & Sea Creatures' debut album comes out on Buzzin' Fly on September 26th. The duo will be playing live at The Nest in Dalston on September 9th alongside Lee Jones, Mano Le Tough, and Chris Woodward.