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Photo by: Tom Spellman

Dark Sky

Set to play eastern electrics' bank holiday party, the London trio on Black Acre and Modeselektor's 50 Weapons label talk to us about their heavy electronic sound

London-based trio Tom Edwards, Matt Benyayer and Carlo Anderson – aka Dark Sky – are the latest act to join Modeselektor’s 50 Weapons label, with their upcoming Radius EP to be released at the end of this month. Having previously produced work for the likes of Pictures Music, Black Acre and Blunted Robots, their latest release plays with a mix of intense, dark drumbeats, stretched ripples of bass, and shuffling house vibes. We caught up with them to find out more about bucket drumming, Secret Garden Party and Game of Thrones before they play alongside the likes of Zombie Disco Squad, Renaissance Man and Seams.

Tell us about ...

... the story behind your name?
It is kind of a name that is open to interpretation; there is no real story behind it…

... your biggest influences on this EP?
I think one of our biggest influences on the EP was trying not to have any major influence, obviously you cannot ignore what has gone on before, but I think we were definitely inspired by a conscious decision to explore new territories within the realm of sound… if that makes any sense.

What ...
... is your secret talent?
Matt Benyayer :
Bucket drumming
Carlo Anderson:  Im a bad man at making lattes

... are you obsessed with right now?
Matt Benyayer:
Analogue gear
Carlo Anderson:
Game of Thrones

... is your worst habit?
Matt Benyayer:
Wheeling tunes
Carlo Anderson:

... is top of your shit list?
Matt Benyayer: Sleeping Patterns  
Carlo Anderson: My Macbook is dying on me

... is top of your wish list?
Matt Benyayer: SSL Matrix Desk
Carlo Anderson: A new Macbook Pro

... your favourite website?
Matt Benyayer:
Carlo Anderson:
Tom Edwards:

... your track for the summer?
Matt Benyayer:
Raw Cuts #6 – MCDE
Carlo Anderson:
Anytime – Nu Birth
Tom Edwards:
Blame It On The Boogie – Rick Wilhite

Who ...
... is your dream collaborator?
Matt Benyayer:
The Neptunes
Carlo Anderson:
Busta Rhymes
Tom Edwards:
Mizell Brothers  

... would you be if you could be anyone for just 24 hours?
Matt Benyayer:
Jimi Hendrix
Carlo Anderson: Idris Elba

eastern electrics August Bank Holiday: Sunday 28th August, 10pm-6am; Great Suffolk Street Warehouse, London