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Chad Valley

The Oxford-based musician talks to us about ice cream, ET woollen hats, and the video for his single 'Now That I'm Real', as directed by Lucy Bridger

Directed by previous Dazed-contributor and Cascine's Lucy Bridger, the video for Chad Valley’s new single out on the same label, 'Now That I'm Real', plays out a visually beautiful and poignant tale in understated black and white. The first track on Oxford-based Chad Valley's new Equatorial Ultravox EP features catchy soft pop vocals layered with classic synths and happy-go-lucky beats - complete with a remix from San Francisco's Courtship, which restructures the bare elements and creates lush atmospherics to leave a lovely tingly feeling in your body.


...your secret talent?
Nothing secret. I don't have any secrets.

...your worst vice?
Smoking. Its not even like I smoke much at all, but its not too good, is it.

... your favourite sound?
Roland TR909 Clap

...your worst fashion secret?
Until recently I had an E.T. woollen beanie that I got a LOT of

...your favourite website? - it rules my life.

...the best thing about where you're from?
G&D's Ice Cream. They have three cafes in Oxford and I think I am their best customer.

...are you listening to now?
Buckingham & Nicks album from before they both joined Fleetwood Mac. There is a song on there called Stephanie which is basically an early version of "Never Going Back Again" from Rumours that I love.

How would you describe your work?
like something that was smooth and shiny 20 years ago, but has garnered character over the years.

Tell us about the new video?
It was directed by Lucy Bridger and we shot it in a day in a South London studio. It has an enigmatic story between a couple which is intercut with shots of myself and Rose Dagul singing the song. Its the first Chad Valley music video to be made, so it's a very exciting thing indeed.

Is that how you imagined the visual counterpart/story to your song would be?
To be honest, I don't think I did, but thats what makes it a little more interesting. I don't like literal videos, and the lyrics are quite opaque, so it was really amazing to see the juxtaposition of this story with the song.

What are you most excited about next?
As always i'm excited about going abroad to play music. This summer i'm going to Sweden, Norway and then later in the year i'll be hitting up the USA.

Chad Valley's Now  That I'm Real' from the Equatorial Ultravox EP, out June 21st on Cascine

Now That I'm Real (How Does It Feel?) from chad valley on Vimeo.