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The Whip Is Wired Together

The Manchester trio talk about working with producer Jagz Kooner, using Kraftwerk's old mixing desk and collecting condiments

Last week, Manchester trio The Whip made their live return at the huge Wireless Festival in London’s Hyde Park. With their second album, entitled 'Wired Together', due for a release on September 19th, we caught up with Fiona Daniel, Bruce Carter and Nathan Sudders to discuss the new record and what makes them tick...

Dazed Digital: So tell us about your new 'Wired Together' album...
Bruce Carter:
We recorded it in London last year, with Jagz Kooner (Primal Scream, Sabres of Paradise) in his little shoebox studio, and then we laid the live instruments down through Kraftwerk’s old desk in another studio called Club Ralph.
Fiona Daniel:
We’ve gone down the avenue of keeping it dancey, ravey, and pumping, but also very lyrical. Working with Jagz has been amazing, he pushed us all to a greater point.
Bruce Carter: He was pushing it along a bit, trying to make it sound a bit more confident. It’s bullshit trying to big up your own album, but we’re dead proud of it.

DD: It’s been three years since your debut, why the wait?
Bruce Carter:
We wanted to release a second record straight away, but everyone told us to be patient and get it right.
Daniel: I’m glad we waited though, as doing it at Club Ralph and working with Jagz felt like it was meant to be. These were definitely the right people to be working with. We had an endless stream of gigs, and it eventually came down to Bruce saying: “Right, I can’t come out. I have to sit down and write songs” in our room in Ibiza. I mean, who says “no” to a rave in Ibiza?
[Fiona shakes her head in disbelief]
Bruce Carter: A lot of the demos came about while we were playing shows, because the gigging process feeds the writing process. Particularly this album, it’s documenting that we’re having fun - that’s really what it’s about: how nuts it is doing gigs, and sitting here in a park getting a bit pissed!

DD: If that’s work for you, how do you guys kick back and relax
Daniel: Bruce is a really good footballer. We’ll be playing a bunch of gigs, lifting all our equipment, but the only time Bruce gets injured is when he plays football. Nathan’s into cooking. I used to go climbing, but really I go to more gigs, it’s like busman’s holiday.

DD: Whose shows have you enjoyed lately?
Bruce Carter:
Some of the guys on the Kill Em All label: Stopmakingme and Magnets, two electro producers from London and their new stuff’s wicked. The new In Flagranti album is wicked too, they’ve just done a remix for one of our new songs.

DD: Tell us an interesting fact about yourselves...
Bruce Carter:
I’m quite heavily into condiments and have a good mustard stash!
Daniel: I am really good at doing spreadsheets - It’s not a cool fact. Nathan, he worries too much about everything, he’s a bad worrier. He worries so much that he can’t tell that he’s worrying anymore. But there’s been the occasional moment where this has saved us onstage.

DD: Finally, what are your plans for this coming year?
Bruce Carter: Get the album out, get touring, then Ibiza next summer.
Fiona Daniel: Yeh, we’re touring China in October, and with the album coming out on September 19th, we’ve got launch gigs in Manchester and in London. We’re all gagging for it though - I just want to be out and playing 6 gigs a week again!

‘Wired Together’ is now available to pre-order from the band’s site. Those who pre-order the album will receive a five track download immediately to whet their appetites for the full version on release