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Emporio Armani Summer Live: Aloe Blacc

The Italian superbrand launched the first of their exciting new music events in their New Bond Street Store's garden

Last night, 23rd June, Emporio Armani's New Bond Street Store's private garden saw the first of their Summer Garden Live series. In association with Sony Records, the event was an intimate evening of performances by specially selected artists Aloe Blacc, Oh Land, and Lissie - as well as a DJ set by Chew Lips. Visuals were created by Roland Hamilton of Blakk Spring for the night where guests in attendance were a mixture of fashion and music insiders such as Petra Nemcova, Ana Araujo, Yasmin, and Robert Konjic.

Dazed Digital: How did you get involved with Armani on this Summer Live project?
Aloe Blacc:
Armani identified me as someone whose music fitted their brand style and vision and asked me to play...
DD: Do you feel your work will fit in with their ethos?
Aloe Blacc: I am a fan of Armani fashion and I chose to wear their clothing for my Good Things album photos. I think that my music fits well with their ethos because I strive to make songs that are classy and timeless. When I perform on stage, I like to look as good as the music sounds so that the story within the music is completed visually for my audience. A nice suit or a sleek jacket always helps with the presentation.
DD: What are you working on now?
Aloe Blacc: Right now I am starting a massive tour throughout Europe to perform at many of the famous Summer festivals.  In between shows, while on the road, I try to write new songs to be prepared for the time when I can get back into the studio to record my next album. I am also studying screenplays to get a better idea of how films tell stories because I feel like my next challenge as a storyteller will be as an actor.

DD: Top summer jam?
Aloe Blacc: My favorite classic summer jam is "Saturdays" by Chicago, but if we are talking something a little more recent, I still really enjoy listening to Andre 3000's "Hey Ya!"

DD: What are you most looking forward to/excited about next?

Aloe Blacc: I am really looking forward to sharing more music with the world. I enjoy writing songs and making people happy with music and I get to travel across the globe to sing to my fans.  This Summer I will visit Rio for the first time with my band The Grand Scheme, which is very exciting because I am a big fan of Brazilian music. I will also help to launch my Hollywood party, The Do-Over, with the help of my founding partners.
Aloe Blacc will be performing at the Emporio Armani Summer Garden Live series on Thursday 23rd June in association with Sony music. This is an invite only event but a film of the night will be posted next week for fans to see. Check out or Armani Facebook page for more info.