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Photo by Daniel Riera

Needwant: Kim Ann Foxman

With many fingers in many creative pies, we catch up with the Hercules & Love Affair member to find out about her solo sound and her up and coming projects

Bringing back essential classic house sounds, Kim Ann Foxman (of Hercules and Love Affair) started her musical career throughout the mid-90s with her involvement with dance music acts before her joining the illustrious H&LA. Also a skillful DJ in her own right, she has since turned her hand to production with her tracks 'Creature' on Andrew Butler's Mr Intl label, as well as remixes for the new Max Essa record on Needwant where the vinyl is out now at Juno Records. Dazed chat to the legend in the making about her creative outlets and current projects to come...

Dazed Digital: Having had a lot of fingers in many pies, what has been you favourite outlet for your creativity?
Kim Ann Foxman:
Dance music in general has been my favorite outlet in many forms by far. I've always loved DJing, I love making people dance. Being involved in Hercules and Love Affair has been the hugest outlet for me to do so much. It's been a crazy adventure of performing and I'm having a lot of fun with that right now, and working with all the new people involved has been one of the best things ever. It's helped me to grow so much into myself as a performer, and I'm always growing and I love that. And it has opened a lot of doors. Also working on my solo stuff with Andrew Butler for Mr. Intl Records has been really fun too. And, I'm enjoying getting into doing remixes on my own now too. Lots of fun!

DD: How do you think your solo sound differs from anything you've worked on in the past? 
Kim Ann Foxman:
With Hercules and Love Affair, I've been a part of an amazing project in which caters to Andrew Butler's vision. With my solo stuff, its catered toward my vision. My solo stuff has been a very housey approach, kind of pop infused golden era underground house vibe, although it won't be limited to that. the songs have a lot to do with my life, my stories.

DD: What influences your sound and work?
Kim Ann Foxman: So many things influence my sound and my work, but mainly classic house and classic techno, and all things I used to listen to growing up, like freestyle, pop. I'm also influenced by things going on around me, or things I've experienced.

DD: What projects are you working on now? 
Kim Ann Foxman: Now I'm about to tour hardcore with Hercules and Love Affair. Gonna be at most of the festivals this summer. I'm gonna put lots of my energy into having a fun summer with the band. I'm getting all geared up for tour. For dates that we don't have shows, I'm booked for a lot of DJ gigs. And, I'm real excited that I'm doing remixes now. I had so much fun doing my first remix for Needwant records for Max Essa's "How Do You Feel?". Also, I'm gonna really focus on writing my own stuff and sketching out some ideas to gather for a solo album. And in the near future, I'll have another release on Mr. Intl with Andy Butler, and I can't wait for that to come out.

Kim Ann Foxman's remix of Max Essa on Needwant is out now