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Daisuke Tanabe

We meet the softly spoken Japanese beatmaker about his part in this year's RBMA stage at Sonar festival

Painfully shy and quietly spoken, Daisuke Tanabe let's his music do the talking for him. Carefully crafting downbeat, glitchy emotive electronica, his songs tend to hold an almost melancholic edge, besides catchy hooks and elements of trip-hop. Releasing on the likes of Ninja Tune, CD-R, and Brownswood, the prolific Japanese producer was selected to join the Red Bull Music Academy which has provided a platform for him as a performer - such as at Barcelona's Sonar festival last week where we caught a few moments with him and a very helpful translator.

…your secret talent?

Fishing maybe! Also drawing!

…favourite sound?

Kids laughing…

…worst habit?

Not working properly!

…best thing about where you're from?

Japan? The four seasons.

…the top of your wish list?

To have a comfortable bed right now!

…dream collaborator?

Aphex twin - I'm sure everyone says that!

…working on right now?

I'm working on a collaboration album with Kidkanevil.

…most excited about next?

An opportunity to go to other countries to travel.

What is it like being a part of the RBMA?

Great, saw so many good parties and experiences..

Fit as part of the academy? Links between the artists?

Yeah I think so! I think everyone's quite shy! And musically, I think music reflects characters so the sound is quite shy also!
My sound is kind of shy, I put some basslines but also some more hiding sounds…

How long have you been making music for? And has it changed?

Been making music for twelve years now… So yeah definitely…