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Lucky Paul

The Berlin-via-New Zealand producer presents his new track with remixes from one half of Soul Clap, Eliphino and Gang Colours

Originally from New Zealand, the now Berlin-based producer Lucky Paul draws his name from his life of good fortune and skills with music. Releasing on London label Somethinksounds run by the guys behind online culture collective Somethinkblue and Hang the DJ, the new EP sees remixes from one half of cult New York label's Wolf + Lamb honchos and Eli of Soul Clap as well as labelmate Eliphino. Fusing slow electronic beats with breathy vocals, the new video by Jake Harmer & Dave Graham features his track 'Thought We Were Alone'.


...your secret talent?
If I have one it's a secret to me, music seems to be it when it comes to my talents.

…the story behind your name?

My friend's gave me this name as I tend to be quite lucky, but I use it as my music is full of improvisation and I utilize chance as a
musical tool.

... your favourite sound?

Rhythms of different washing machines inspire me.

...your favourite website?
I like to geek out on gear and developments in technology in music at

...the best thing about where you're from?
New Zealand has a small island called great barrier island. It's full of beautiful beaches with noone on them and when you stay there for at least a few nights you start to have really crazy vivid dreams.

... good for breakfast?
My friend Leesi's super healthy smoothie with bee pollen included. the top of your wish list?
A swimming pool with an electronically customizable waterslide, it would also be connected to the ocean where dolphins come visit on occasion.

...are you listening to now?

Literally? The sound of my footsteps on this gravel... I'm writing this on my phone. But the album I've been into this week is Space is Only Noise, by Nicolas Jaar.

...your worst vice?

I get addicted to chocolate milk and milkshakes far too easily... doing alright with it at these days though...

...How would you describe your work?

At this point, largely focused around my live show, improvisation and taking musical risks, somehow digging myself out of them on the fly.

A Short Film: Thought We Were Alone from Kazim Rashid on Vimeo.