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WhoMadeWho Recommends

Following a long tour and their last release, 'The Plot’, the band gives Dazed the lowdown on their top picks

‘Every Minute Alone’ is the lead single from WhoMadeWho's forthcoming mini-album ‘Knee Deep’ out now on Kompakt Records. Showing their softer side in the video, WhoMadeWho document their day-to-day struggles in the world, a definite reference to the band's personal challenges. And bizarrely enough also documents their 'love of dairy'. Carving out a successful career, which includes numerous singles and two acclaimed albums, the Danish trio have managed to become one of the few acts in the past decade to redefine ‘crossover’ in music. 

The eight track album shows the band's love for electronic music and 60s-inspired psychedelic vocal productions. This time round, the band chose to use a more melodic and radio-friendly sound born out of a desire to create "a focused listening album that draws on a more abstract musical starting point".

Can you recommend...
... three new artists?
Shlohmo - This new LA-beat artist just made a super EP on the Friends of Friends label. It's great listening music.
Munchi - I'm really diggin' the whole mumbathon genre - It's my favourite guilty pleasure for playing at the moment.
Lucky Dragons - is new in the perspective of the whole music story - but not quite new, however I need to mention him because I'm really trippin' about his stuff at the moment.

 ... three old artists?
David Bowie - Because it seems like never will he lose his mojo, he is just ever so cool and still remains pretty creative compared to many of his generation.
Miles Davis - Because he also except for a few mistakes in the 80s stayed cool both in appearance and music.
Vangelis - He inspires me very much, especially his Blade Runner soundtrack, these synthesizers are amazing.

 ... a record label?
Kompakt - yes we just released an album and them and I also were in the Jatoma Project last year, however I have been a fan for many years and still stays it. It's like Kompakt has done some of the most efficient techno tools and at the same time they keep on breaking new cool stuff. We are all proud to be on board among people like Superpitcher, Michael Mayer, Gui Baretto and Panda Bear.

 ... a website?
Soundcloud is a great tool for checking out and sharing new music - it's taking over where MySpace fucked up some years ago.

 ... a film?
I have a thing for romantic comedies at the moment, it started on planes and hotels when there wasn't anything else to watch but now I chase a good romantic comedy like Due Date.

 ... a book?
I'm not a book-kind-of-guy, I much more like Internet, TV shows and films for chilling. The last book I read and enjoyed very much, however, was Freakonomics by Levit and Dubner. It's this nerdy book where the take a lot of assumptions in society and prove the wrong via an economic approach. It's more fun than it sounds - at least if you are into this kind of stuff.

 ... a place to eat/shop?
Copenhagen, my local hangout - Dyrehaven - great food - i go there every week. But the best place to, where i don't go that much, is Castelli's in Palm Desert, California. It's an classic American Italian restaurant, which has the right combination of old republicans and waiters who look like 80's movie gangsters, and the of course some very rich pasta.

... something to do on a day off?
I go to bed/bedroom with my girl with candy, movies, magazines and then we just eat, talk and watch movies all day. This works best with a hangover may add.

... an alcoholic beverage?
Ginger Mojito.

... a song everyone should hear?
Ferrante & Teicher-Midnight Cowboy.

WhoMadeWho - Every Minute Alone from Kompakt Records on Vimeo.