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Huntleys & Palmers: Auntie Flo

The new EP release from the London-based label sees Auntie Flo make a return alongside a kwaito number from DJ Sdunkero

Up and coming label and night Huntleys & Palmers released the first Villalobos, Caribou and Optimo-endorsed ‘Goan Highlife’ EP from Auntie Flo earlier this year, and are now back with a double whammy with DJ Sdunkero. Auntie Flo returns to the label with his latest Oh My Days! track - an Afro-eclectic house jam made for the dancefloor that brings together exclamatory vocals and grime influences with a re-edit by Ramadanman, whilst DJ Sdunkero brings a kwaito flavour from the South African underground. Always championing a wide range of electronic music, the next H&P party sees the legendary Levon Vincent play alongside Numbers favourite Lil Silva, and Per Bojsen-Moller for a night to remember at Plastic People this May 27th. For now, we speak to Auntie Flo about his mad skills and current musical loves...

...your secret talent?

I make a mean Goan Curry.

... your favourite sound?

The presets of my little Casio SA5 toy keyboard. Use them in all my tracks and the demos are epic. Best £10 I ever spent.

...your worst fashion secret?

My mum still buys my clothes.

...your favourite website? shameless plug as I run it. But hey ho.

...are you listening to now?

Shackleton and Haitian Voodoo Drumming - I just recorded a mix using only these tunes for my next radio show on Radio Magnetic.

...your worst vice?

I spend more time on Facebook than not. I need help! the top of your wish list?

Always wanted an old school grammophone for my flat. I would host sophisticated dinner parties with scratchy 78's as the soundtrack.

...the best thing about where you're from?

Glasgow will always be about the partying and the buckfast.

How would you describe your work?

Feel My Bicep blog described it as 'Afro-inspired, tribal and raw to the core'. Think that sums it up nicely.

What's next?

Next single is Oh My Days, continuing to run my night Highlife - we have our 1st Birthday this Friday and upcoming party at Sonar, then releasing mini-album coming in the summer on H+P.

Huntleys & Palmers presents Levon Vincent, Lil Silva (Night Slugs), Per Bojsen-Moller (Little White Earbuds), Friday 27th May, Plastic People, Curtain Rd, London; 10pm-3am, £10

Video by Ling Lee