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The London foursome release their new album on Keysound, delving into garage beats and IDM with the vocals of Joshua Idehen

London-based Hyperdub signings LV release their new album ‘Routes’, on Keysound Recordings this May. Following on from 2007’s ‘Globetrotting’ collaboration EP with reggae singer Errol Bellot, the quartet have now enlisted the help of London vocalist Joshua Idehen to feature prominently on ‘Routes’. The new record meanders through the deeper ends of two-step, to percussive garage beats and hints of IDM, where LV are conveying a versatile grasp on the underground bass genres.

Album highlights include the beats-driven ‘Lean Back’, which sees some mesmerizing vocals by Idehen take the listener on a twisted fairytale. By contrast ‘Northern Line’ provides an element of comedy; a grime ballad about the famed London Tube service. On the whole, ‘Routes’ is an impressive insight into the minds of LV, and Idehen’s vocals are a refreshing addition to their production.


 ...your secret talent?
Si: Pro Evolution Soccer.
Gerv: Nobody knows we're Axl Rose
Josh: Assembling Futons
Will: Cryptic Crosswords
...your worst vice?
Pro Evolution Soccer.
Gerv: Posh coffee and skunk
Josh: My sweet tooth (teeth)
Will: Cryptic Crosswords
…the story behind your name?
They were our two favourite letters at the time
We're named after our favourite West Coast rapper and our favourite brand of high-end baggage
Josh: What, Josh Idehen? Mom, dad, sex, baptism; the usual
Will: Gets more convoluted every time we tell it
... your favourite sound?
Too many to choose from!
Gerv: psylence (psychedelic silence. it's the new thing)
Josh: Whistling on tracks
Will: (             )
...your worst fashion secret?
Sweatpants in the studio. And sometimes out of the studio too.
Gerv: Don't know, don't care.
Josh: Underneath my 'no label' stance I have a raging designer lust.
Will: Er, what?
...your favourite website?
Gerv: Ubuweb, obviously
Josh: Funny/Informative/Lists. Kill me now.
Will: N/A
... the best thing about where you're from?
I can just about afford to live here.
Gerv: Bunny chow
Josh: The Kebab shop on Mare Street: 24 hours, Never too busy, tastes amaze.
Will: It's easy to get to from where I live the top of your shit list?
First I've have to make a shit list...
Gerv: Barack Obama. Wasteman.
Josh: The Akira Live Action Remake. That's Right, I Care More About That Than Peace On Earth.
Will: Answering questions I don't understand
...are you listening to now?
Mark Pritchard, Jerry Goldsmith, Red Garland
Gerv: Buses, cars and the occasional hair-dryer moped
Josh: GO Team, Rolling Blackouts. Didn't like it at first but at the moment it's tickling me likey bone.
Will: My cat cleaning herself on the sofa behind me
How would you describe your work, if you had to?
I don't have to? Cheers.
Gerv: Pre-boring
Josh: Gil Scott Heron/Jamie XX's we're new here much more agreeable/better looking/sexier/richer (please God let this one be true)/funner brother.
Will: Under duress