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Proviant Audio

Having started playing music at the tender age of three, Mathias Stubø now presents his debut album on Paper Recordings

Paper Recordings are known for their great musical finds, previously releasing the likes of Flash Atkins, Salt City Orchestra and Crazy P, and now they've struck musical gold again in the shape of Proviant Audio. The young musician/producer/DJ practically has music in his blood being the offspring of professional jazz musicians. Proviant Audio aka Mathias Stubø started playing instruments at the age of three, by the time he was 13 his music was receiving national airplay.

Now eighteen, and with numerous EP releases and high profile festival spots, Proviant Audio is to release his debut album, ‘Real Loves Tastes Like This!’. Drenched with uplifting melodies, the album dives into elements of electronica, jazz, soul, funk and house giving his whole sound a fresh positivity.  


...your special talent?
My biggest talent is probably to stay focused. I'm always working on new stuff. I work very hard with my music, though it doesn't quite feel like hard work. I'm also glad I have the ability to create. Creativity comes and goes, though. Sometimes it's hard to come up with ideas. Other times it just happen.

...your worst vice?

I work too hard sometimes. Forget to eat and sleep. Too little sleep and too much caffein is an unhealthy lifestyle. And my studio is a total mess. Records, drums, cymbals, other instruments, computers and so on.

... your favourite sound?

The sound of old, dusty vinyl. mhhm. and Dilla beats in the early morning. ahhh

...your favourite website?

That would be all the funk/soul/disco blogs run by record lovers around the world. I'm a huge nerd when it comes to black music history. Always appreciate good edits, tips on where to look for records etc. Much love to all of those who take their time to share lost gems.

... best thing about where you're from?

I’m from Vestskogen (translated Westwoods), outside of Tønsberg, Norway. It’s a really quiet place. A good spot for chillin and making music. the top of your wish list?

That something funky would reach Billboard. Or that Madlib gets a grammy. That would be the day.

... the world coming to?

Always better times ahead, I believe.

...are you listening to now?

I always listen to a lot of different stuff. Regardless of genre. I love all kinds of music. Right now: Madlib’s Medicine Show 11, The complete works of Eric Dolphy, Philip Glass-stuff. Listening a lot to Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus. Brainfeeder-cats like Teebs and so on.

How would you describe your work?

Like late seventies disco, soulful hip-hop and deep house with a bit of jazz. When I'm making music it's all about what feels good. No further rules or boundaries.