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Bang Gang, Kitsune and Young Mine take the new Aussie outfit under their experienced wings for their upcoming pop bangers

Risen from the ashes of electro gadabouts Lost Valentinos, the infectious sounds of new Aussie group, Cosmonaut, work around unabashed pop vocals layered with epic synths and OTT galactic instrumentals. The new EP release on Young Mine also features some pretty nifty monochromatic artwork, making for a rather enticing all-round release. Their track, 'Say What You Want', was hand-picked for Kitsuné Maison’s 11th edition, whilst a forthcoming release will see love from Bang Gang’s 12 Inches label later this year.

WHAT'S… special about you, then? 
I had the Australian Under 15s High-jump record for about 5 minutes. I cleared 1.96m. True story.

...your worst vice?

Piracy. Not of the Caribbean.

…the story behind your name?

One of our good friend's grandfathers was a big shot scientist on the Russian Cold War-era space program. No shit. So for all those other "Cosmonauts" out there, I'd say we have the most legit claim to the name... right?

... your favourite sound?

The Wilhelm scream.

...your worst fashion secret?

I still occasionally wear my school socks.

...your favourite website?

... the best thing about where you're from?

AC/DC for sure. Actually I'd probably say thats one of the best things about music full stop, and if you don't agree then we can't be friends. the top of your shit list?

Studio equipment repair. It never ends!

...are you listening to now?

High Priest, our brothers in arms. You may not know them just yet, but you will...

How would you describe your work?

Well normally I wouldn't, and I think Paul Mac described it better than I ever could: " I don't know whether it's the name Cosmonaut, but it somehow does evoke a Russian spacecraft from the 60's, composed of old boiler parts, housing a soon-to-be-dead people's hero, hurled into cold black space by grim-faced soviet physicists, and presented on grainy TVs with a partiotic soundtrack by an impacably ambitious politburo."

Photo by Chi Chi Menendez