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Exclusive Duke Dumont Mix

We hail the triumphant return of the eclectic beat master of all bpms and genres by presenting his brand new mix made just for us

Having stolen the light in the late 00s with truly unusual sounds in his unique productions, the ever-elusive Duke Dumont returns after a long break with a new album and buckets of unheard material under his belt. Besides having slain the dancefloors across the UK with the likes of 'Hoy' - sampled from a mixtape given to him by his cab driver in India, and 'Feltham' - a correctional facility anthem, he also remixed the likes of Mystery Jets and Late of the Pier. Previously releasing on Tiga's label Turbo Recordings and Dubsided, Dumont's (aka Adam Dyment) forthcoming remix of 'Yes Wizard' will be out on Tiger Sushi, and has taken the time to create a roaring new mixtape for Dazed Digital.

Dazed Digital: You've been away for a bit, what's happened in the last few months?
Duke Dumont:
Working on my own record. It has been in progress for two years, but is all coming together, like a grand collage, so hopefully it will come together this year. I have recordings from, Joakim playing his Arp 2600, to Zongamin playing his bass guitar, on top of abstractive sounds I have built up over years. I want to deliver something that sonically will stand the test of time, side stepping the genre beast.
DD: All your productions are so different to each other, what do you think it is about them that bears your signature?
Duke Dumont: My immediate environment, and outlook has a big effect on how things sound. For example, I recently remixed 'Babe,Terror' on Erol Alkan's Phantasy label. It sounds quite haunting, organic, and dense. The reason being is i recorded it at my studio, based in the woodlands of Hertfordshire, which I find inspiring. It is a odd place, full of obelisks, etc... Gerald Massey (the famous Egyptologist) used to live in my house, so I think it all rubs off on some level.
On the complete flipside, I made a remix a few years ago in a hotel room in Sydney, fuelled by lack of sleep and alcohol. It had a lot of shitty bleeps, woops, and sirens. At the time I was touring non-stop off the back of dance music EPs and remixes, so I became interested in the triggers that could make people react in a club context.
DD: What are you working on now?

Duke Dumont: My own record, and other people's records for the immediate future... I want to get back touring once music hits the masses... It serves as the balance needed to not becoming an overtly introverted record producer. Weeks, and months of isolation, and procrastination, levelled out by idolatry and indulgences in materialistic and lower conscious consumption is a good system to live by.
DD: Any dream collaborators on the line?

Duke Dumont: MF Doom .. Not necessarily on the line, but most certainly a dream. Actually scrap that. Find me the next dude doing his own thing, with similar ability, potential, and individuality. Also I have a soft spot for the lone beat maker types, whether it be Four Tet, Lukid, Teebs, Fly Lo, etc. Anyone that makes instrumental music, without the shackles of genre.. But two artists of similar personalities and outlooks usually tends to be detrimental, and not greater by the sum of its parts.. It would probably be more intresting results if I collaborated with my complete opposite... So Tiesto, Guetta. Get your people to call my people.

Duke Dumont's forthcoming remix of 'Yes Wizard' will be out on Tiger Sushi.