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The up-and-coming Night Slugs signing will be bringing his energetic live set to Beat Redemption's Warehouse party tonight in London

Releasing his debut album 'Bible Eyes' via the infamous London-based label Night Slugs, Egyptrixx made his name on tracks like 'Everybody Bleeding', and 'The Only Way is Up' - whilst being commissioned to remix the likes of Brodinski, Starkey, Esser, The Aikiu, and having the favour returned by Kingdom and Finnish lot Sharkslayer. With support from massive names like Sinden, Mary Ann Hobbs and New York's Drop The Lime, his new album features lead single ‘Chrysalis Records’ with pop vocals from Canadian band Trust, as well as more broken beat excursions to spacey experimental or techno influenced sounds. Perfecting his Ableton Live sets with an APC 40 MIDI Controller, Korg Kaoss Pad and a microKorg synth/vocoder, Egyptrixx reworks his original tracks live on the fly for a mind-blowing live show. See him next at Beat Redemption's Warehouse Party featuring Bok Bok, Egyptrixx, Eliphino, Leon in East London tonight, Friday 15th April for their Warehouse Party 002.


...your special talent?
I can jump very high and am moderately good at chess.

... your favourite sound?
Star Synare 3, Sunn Sentura 2, Tape Echo

...your worst vice?
Strong whiskey and Alexander Wang

…the story behind your name?
I had a band called Africa that was inspired by a conversation... and Egyptrixx may have been inspired by Africa. I'm still not sure.

...your worst fashion secret?
Ladies jeans

...your favourite website? the top of your shit list?
My shit list is increasingly absent these days, positive vibes please.

...are you listening to now?
Sun Devoured Earth - I Wish I Would Never Wake Up

...are you working on now?
A pile of projects, more on that later.

... are you most looking forward to next?
Summer festivals and conversely, some time at home in the studio.

How would you describe your work?
It's a lot of work.

Beat Redemption's Warehouse Party featuring Bok Bok, Egyptrixx, Eliphino, Leon / Secret East London Location / Friday 15th April / 10pm - 6am