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Ulterior Video Premiere: Black City Black Rain

The London-based band premiere the music video for their new single as shot by the Turrell brothers

Created by the Turrell brothers, the brief of Ulterior's new music video (shown below) was to relay the band’s experience of London - that, and to keep it sounding like a Vangelis Blade Runner track. The single, ‘Black City Black Rain’, has been taken from their much lauded debut album, ‘Wild In Wildlife’ – which received the backing none other than Guy Denning, who let the band use his piece ‘Where’s Your Famous Golden Touch?’ for their album artwork. Impressed? We are. So we caught up with front man, Paul McGregor to get his take on the video and tell us about Ulterior’s future plans.

Dazed Digital: How are you finding the reception to the album?
Paul McGregor:
Well, considering we’ve not had a mega press push behind it, it’s not ideal but everyone who’s heard it has given us rave reviews. It’s been really positive – I just wish it were in more people’s hands. It’s frustrating because we set out to make a piece of art from start to finish. It’s starting to leak out…

DD: Can you describe the video?
Paul McGregor:
The track for me was about ‘Our London’ – you know? Our living in a big city – the beauty, the poison – all the things that come with it. The track conjures up a lot of visuals for me – it sounds to me like a lost Blade Runner track. I see chrome, and I see rain you know? Almost like a Vangelis soundtrack. That was the brief that we took to the Turrell Brothers, who directed it. I think they captured it pretty well really. It’s their vision of our vision, we like letting people get on with their art.

DD: What’s the Turrell brothers style?
Paul McGregor:
They’re very stripped back video-makers, Nottingham style: very naked, very raw, very real. They took our enormous ideas and made them realistic. Someone should really discover these boys: They’ve been making films since they were eleven. They’re just this incredible ball of energy – they’ve shown at Cannes before in a small screening at an offshoot of the festival.

DD: How did the Guy Denning album artwork come about?
Paul McGregor:
Mickey, the bassist, is an artist and he’s got a t-shirt company called Raw Power – paints constantly, he’s been an artist for a few years now. He was a really big admirer of Guy Denning, and met him, and Guy said he’d seen a couple of his paintings online and asked if he wanted to do an art swap? So Mickey told us all to check him out, so we did and I saw ‘Where’s Your Famous Golden Touch’ while we were recording and I nearly fell off my chair. The cover looked like the album sounded to me. That was it right there and he was mega cool about us using it. We sent him ‘Sex War Sex Cars Sex’ the single and he was really excited to work with us. It’s a real privilege.

DD: Have you started working on a second?
Paul McGregor:
Yeah, we’re pretty much finished with the demos for the second album. A couple of tracks we had didn’t fit in with ‘Wild in Wildlife’ attitude-wise. We’ve got a few people who want to produce it too so we’re very excited. For us, ‘Wild in Wildlife’ is nearly two years old now. We’re ready to move on and start recording and start performing album two. We just want ‘Wild In Wildlife’ to be in more people’s hands.

DD: Any dates over the next few months?
Paul McGregor:
We’re got a few dates across Europe and then we’ll be playing a couple of shows over here. We’re supporting Specimen at the o2 Islington in May too.