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Sainté Leicester
SaintéTaken from the summer 2023 issue of Dazed

Feeling Scene: a guide to Leicester by the city’s notable names

Famous faces from Leicester, one of Britain’s first ‘super-diverse’ cities with a 59 per cent ethnic majority population, drop a pin on their favourite places to hang

Taken from the summer 2023 issue of Dazed. You can buy a copy of our latest issue here.


One of UK rap’s bright young things, Sainté is making a name for himself with his characteristic mellow flows and charisma. Born in Zimbabwe but raised in Leicester, his Midlands hometown is always close to his heart

Best place to grab food: Wakaze. The gyozas and katsu curry just hit different

Best club night/place to go clubbing: Never went out in Leicester. I was either playing basketball or at Nando’s working… humble flex

Best views of the city and/or place that no one knows about: In Beaumont Park, you can see the city from my neighbourhood (cheap romantic spot)

Best place to shop: Wellgosh/Pilot. These were the only spots for a while where you could get garms that weren’t generic and simple

Best underground gems/hangout spots: Revs. No Hollywood prices – you don’t have to drink your balance away in the Midlands


Stylist and florist Naailah has arranged some of the most tasteful and sculptural bouquets for the likes of Fenty Beauty. She also works across socials at Azeema Mag, a publication “exploring women and non-binary folk within the WANA+SA regions, diaspora & beyond”

Best place to grab food: Anywhere on Belgrave Road. Maybe I’m being a little bit biased, but I’m Indian and veggie so these lot have me sorted and eating GOOD. There’s Chennai Dosa, Sharmilee, Chai Paani, Shiv Sagar, Dakshin – I’ll be naming all the restaurants on the street soon!

Best club night/place to go clubbing: I don’t party like that because it’s haram, but if I did it’d probably be at my house

Best views of the city and/or place that no one knows about: I’m gonna have to gatekeep this or else everyone would know about it, but there’s a lake in Hamilton Park I used to go to for a stroll and some thinking-time with my best mates when we were teenagers, which holds a special place in my heart

Best place to shop: The Islamic Establishment for books has SAVED me; I have more books than I’ve read but I’ll never be walking out empty-handed from here. For clothes, a lot of what I wear at home is traditional wear and I’m lucky that my mum’s best friend is my tailor and seamstress so I get custom-made everything! If it’s not this then charity/vintage shops in town, but my number-one spot is my bestie’s business @lockup.vintage!!! 10/10 recommend

Best underground gems/hangout spots: Vicky Park on a summer’s day

Best gallery: Two Queens, an artist-led, community-based gallery and studio – we need more of this kinda stu to bring us together


British-Punjabi DJ and musician Mya went from volunteering as one of Pxssy Palace’s renowned ‘Badge Bitches’ to producing her own regular club nights. Though she’s now found a home in London, she was born and raised in Leicester

Best place to grab food: Since I can’t invite everyone to my grandma’s house I’d just say go to Evington Road. You can find so much there like a good Indian, Turkish and the nicest desserts. The original Chaiiwala is there too, which is iconic

Best club night/place to go clubbing: Beastwang are killing it right now if you love a good rave! Special shoutout to Yumna Black – I’d recommend going anywhere he is playing if you’re tryna get lit. Outside of that I always have a good time at Revs or Sofys. I don’t know if anything can beat the golden era of Hush, though. RIP

Best views of the city and/or place that no one knows about: The top of the Haymarket car park is the spot. If you know, you know!

Best place to shop: I was gonna say Wellgosh but they just announced they’re closing down which is so heartbreaking. They had the fittest trainers and the fittest customers. My next recommendation would be to head to Melton Road to stock up on big hot earrings that would cost you 3x as much on Asos. There’s hella gold there too if you wanted to take a sugar daddy

Best gallery: I’ll be real, I’m not the biggest gallery babe, but when I was young I used to sit on a bench on New Walk and people-watch for time. Does that count? It’s also a cute place to lipse in spring when the trees are blossomed up. Just saying


The Match of the Day host and former Leicester City striker is one of the nation’s best-loved broadcasters. In recent years, he has become an unlikely lightning rod for political controversy with his criticism of the Conservative government’s track record in o ce, and their handling of issues around migration

Best place to grab food: Anywhere that has Walkers stocked – salt and vinegar flavour, obviously…

Best club night/place to go clubbing: I’ll take that as being a compliment as big as my ears! Now more a restaurant goer – any one of the Italians Don Claudio [Ranieri] would frequent during his time in Leicester shall do nicely

Best views of the city and/or place that no one knows about: Hard to beat any seat inside King Power Stadium (even at the moment!)

Best place to shop: Given my family’s history, I would have to say Leicester market. The prices have gone up a little, however, since my day on a shift there, starting at the crack of dawn

Best underground gems/hangout spots: A walk around Bradgate Park early doors, before it gets busy? Old John never gets old

Best gallery: While I have not been recently, it was heartwarming to learn that Leicester Museum and Art Gallery has been recognised nationally for welcoming people who arrive in the city seeking refuge (new arrivals, asylum seekers and refugees)