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How do you feel about life in Britain? Take our survey

What does Britishness mean to you? Tell us in our new anonymous survey

What springs to mind when you think of ‘Britain’? Rain? Greggs? Jack Grealish’s calves? Wetherspoons? The Queen? Paddington? Transphobia? Racism?

In truth, everyone will have a different idea about what Britain represents, which is why we’re launching our very own survey on British identity.

We want to know all about your relationship with Britain, and hear what you think about living in this country. Has Brexit changed your opinion of Britain? What are your favourite things about Britain – and your least favourite? The survey is completely anonymous too, so don’t hold back. 

We’ll be publishing the results in a few weeks’ time and using the data to illustrate how young people really feel about Britain.

Keen to get involved? You can take the survey here – it takes less than five minutes to complete.