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Illustration Ester Mejibovski

Feeling Scene: a guide to New York by the city’s creative milieu

CLIP, The Dare, Ren G, Tyler Bainbridge and Yung Nihilist drop a pin in their favourite places to hang

Taken from the spring 2023 issue of Dazed. You can buy a copy of our latest issue here

New York: it’s where dreams are made of, and broken, where pizza slices can be found on every corner, and even the Elf Bars are doubled in size. Its buzzing Downtown scene is home to the who’s who of the city’s creative milieu, where artists, musicians, podcasters, thinkfluencers all gather in hoards, spilling across Canal Street and China Town – a non-stop carousel of live shows and parties that bring together a wild array of music that spans indie sleaze, grunge, club music and beyond. It’s the heart of the internet scene, where memey URL antics spill onto IRL streets, where Supreme bros rub shoulders with scene kids, and even Anna Delvey is hosting parties under house arrest from her apartment. For the spring 2023 issue of Dazed, we asked some of our favourite New Yorkers to drop a pin in their favourite spots, from art galleries to club nights and underground hangouts. As the saying goes, if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere. So, NYC, what’s good? 


The internet It girl @bloodyclip shaping the city’s sound with her logged-on take on sad-girl rap

Best gallery: My fave gallery is Galerie Perrotin. They recently showcased one of my favourite artists, ob. Definitely check them both out.

Best place to grab food: Yaya Tea is the best place to grab food. There are a couple of locations but my fave is the one in Chinatown. Salmon rice balls are my go-to whenever I need a quick yummy meal.

Best place to shop: Best place to shop is honestly everywhere; I’m fortunate that I have so many friends in New York who make clothes and I love supporting their talent. Also the Rick Owens store, of course.

Best underground gems: Best hangout spot has to be Off Record studios. I don’t really like to hang out, I love working, so being able to pull up to Off Record to make music and run into friends and then end the night on good vibes is always great.

Best views of the city: The best view of the city is my friend’s rooftop in Harlem. You can see it all and it’s really quiet up there, which is rare for New York. I love going up there when I need time to myself to come back to Earth. I would share where it’s at but that would mean doxxing my friend so I’ll have to gatekeep.

Best club night/venue: Four Irving Avenue (AKA Heaven) is the best place to go clubbing. Not only are the lineups always fire but it’s such a welcoming, cute vibe – always a fun time.


The founder of cult newsletter @perfectlyimperfect.newsletter is shining a spotlight on downtown’s new guard of emerging tastemakers

Best place to grab food: Noodle Pudding, a charming neighbourhood staple in Brooklyn Heights. My landlord has owned it for over 20 years and he’s one of the nicest people I know. The man makes a mean Sunday sauce.

Best place to shop: I’m a big fan of the curated vintage designer clothing and art tees that Kathleen Sorbara keeps stocked at Chickee’s in Williamsburg. Most of my favourite pieces are from here.

Best underground gems: It’s not exactly underground, but one of my favourite bars in New York City is Brooklyn Social Club. It’s not trying to do a whole thing or sell you overpriced cocktails, it’s just a charming bar with a pool table and kind employees who greet you with a smile. Just don’t sit at the corner table, that’s mine.

Best views of the city: I like to drag friends to Red Hook to get some Hometown Bar-B-Que, a few beers at Sunny’s, a mini key lime pie from Steve’s to eat as the sun sets behind the Statue of Liberty, and maybe stop at Ice House on the way back. The perfect Sunday afternoon.

Best club night/venue: My friend Harrison (AKA The Dare) hosts the Freakquencies DJ night at Home Sweet Home, where you can always count on sick electroclashy dance music and a cool crowd.


The terminally tapped-in meme admin behind the esoteric yet extremely popular account @yung_nihilist

Best gallery: I love the classics, of course: Gagosian, Guggenheim, the New Museum. There was a great show by Tirzah at the Sculpture Center this year. Shoot the Lobster, Housing, Anonymous, Lubov and The Hole are also some great smaller galleries that cater to up-and-coming artists.

Best place to grab food: I hope this doesn’t make the wait lines even longer than they already are, but I’m a huge fan of Ichiran ramen chains. It’s the most solid bowl of ramen in NYC without being ridiculously overpriced. The music, the booths and the general atmosphere are unlike most places.

Best place to shop: I’ll be honest, I’m not a big shopper – in fact I’m in dire need of a whole wardrobe change. I’ve shopped my fair share of thrift and retail but it’s still pretty hard to come across unique pieces in plus sizes, even in our current era of body positivity. What excites me the most in fashion right now is the influx of ‘ironic’ DIY brands that just sell via Instagram DM. I’m super inspired by the cult popularity brands like @ogbff_ and @bodycitated have been able to build from a sewing machine in their rooms.

Best underground gems: Pier 36 in the Lower East Side has great views of the Brooklyn Bridge and these huge industrial swings that are fun to hang out on. I also like the vibes on Little Island in Hudson River Park and Riverside Park.

Best views of the city: Personally, I think cemeteries are hugely underrated. Green-Wood [Cemetery] in Sunset Park has epic goth vibes and there’s a ton in Queens that I’d love to visit.

Best club night/venue: As far as NYC goes, it’s a tie between Paragon and Nowadays. I’m obsessed with the renovations made at Paragon. The chequered ballroom is very Eyes Wide Shut-core and the basement is super well-lit; you feel like you’re in a Lynchian club scene.


Leading the downtown club scene with his musical project @itsthedare, Harrison Patrick Smith is one of the breakout stars of NYC’s indie sleaze revival

Best gallery: Triest, Gern en Regalia and Theta. The big three of the underground art scene (to me) – and my friends either show at or run them.

Best place to grab food: Essex McDonald’s. But if you’re flashy, any of Keith McNally’s restaurants: Pastis, Minetta Tavern, Balthazar. Beautiful lighting.

Best place to shop: Lucky Jewel, Big Ash, Lara Koleji, James Veloria. The downtown classics!

Best underground gems: Can’t give mine away or else they won’t be underground any more. People are calling Times Square the new Dimes Square, so maybe go there?

Best views of the city: Crossing the Williamsburg bridge on the JMZ.

Best club night/venue: Freakquencies, which is the club night I host every Thursday. The drinks are cheap, the music is loud, and people go crazy.


The frontwoman of DIY duo @club_eat is tearing up the city’s nightlife with her angsty take on electroclash

Best gallery: Gandt gallery is the freshest gallery in the city right now... and it’s in Queens! We’ve been fans ever since the space opened in 2019 with Adam Martin’s stunning show C.E.M.

Best place to grab food: Joe’s Italian in Ridgewood. Classic Queens Italian food. The best portions for the best price! Highly recommend for a celebration of any kind.

Best place to shop: Lucky Jewel, a newly opened shop in Chinatown featuring clothes from the eponymous brand as well as selects from other up-and-coming brands.

Best underground gems: Rash in Bushwick, one of our favourite spots to perform and DJ at. It was destroyed by an arson attack last year but is said to be opening up again soon.

Best views of the city: The Seneca Avenue M train platform. You can catch a really scenic view of the city from most Metropolitan Avenue-bound M platforms after Myrtle-Wyckoff.

Best club night/venue: Club Eat, duh! We began as a club night before becoming a band and still throw parties to this day. It’s our space to book our favourite artists and test out our new trax.

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