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A win for the gaslighting community! You can now edit and unsend texts

(If you have an iPhone)

Whomst among us has not sent a risky text and felt a searing pang of regret immediately after hitting send? Well, you never need to feel that way again – with the new iOS 16 update, you can now edit and unsend messages.

There are some important caveats. Texts can be edited up to five times within the 15 minutes after they are sent, and they can be fully deleted only within two minutes after being sent.

Recipients will also be able to see previous versions of edited messages, and if you delete a text, they’ll be notified that a message was deleted (like on Facebook Messenger). Plus, the feature also only works if the recipient of your message also has updated their operating system. 

The update has been announced just weeks after Twitter announced they were trialling an edit button on the site.

So, if you’re chronically bad at spelling, a serial gaslighter, a paragraph girlie who goes a little too far every now and then, or just a chaotic mess who can’t resist choosing violence every day – it’s time to make some space on your iPhone and get to installing this latest update.