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VanMoof S5
Courtesy of VanMoof

How VanMoof is ushering in the future of cycling

Cycling is an easy route to better health and cleaner cities, and VanMoof’s new models, the S5 and A5, are the most accessible option to date

Founded in Amsterdam – AKA the cycling capital of the world – back in 2009, leading e-bike company VanMoof is no stranger to the ways that cycling can transform a city for the better, cutting down urban pollution and making space for a cleaner, greener way of life. But that’s not all: commuting by bike has also been proven to significantly reduce stress, and offers a way to improve your physical health as part of your daily routine.

Lucky for us, then, that VanMoof continues to make urban cycling more enjoyable and accessible with its new generation of city-centric e-bikes. First up, the S5 remasters the e-bike brand’s classic, unmistakable frame with slightly smaller wheels and tech – from an ultra-silent motor, to upgraded electronics that respond to the rider’s unique pace and movement – that make it their smoothest ride yet.

The all-new A5, meanwhile, takes all of that streamlined technology and packs it into a long awaited step-in frame, opening the VanMoof cycling experience up to a broader range of riders – from experienced cyclists who require a more accessible angled frame, to those looking to ride an e-bike for the first time.

“The A5 is our first one-frame-fits-all, opening up e-biking to a wider audience,” says Ties Carlier, who co-founded VanMoof alongside his brother, Taco. Taco adds that first-time riders can get straight in the saddle and enjoy the Generation 5 e-bikes without so much as an instruction manual, thanks to the industry-first ‘Halo Ring Interface’, a slick display built into the handlebars to provide data on speed, battery levels, and more.

Of course, a large part of cycling’s positive effect on cities around the world is the fact that it replaces cars as a viable form of transport to work, school, or to meet friends. Keeping that in mind, the new VanMoof e-bikes have long-range batteries (plus space for an additional extra battery), on top of the brand’s acclaimed anti-theft features, to make getting from A to B as safe and smooth as possible. The A5 also comes with multiple cargo options, designed to carry almost as much as a small city car – perfect to pop to the shops, or pack a picnic for an afternoon in the park.

As the company’s chief marketing officer, Jonathan Hum, explains: “Our new S5 and A5 are VanMoofs love letter to the city.

All the while, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re making a positive impact on the people and places around you, as well as your own physical and mental health. Sound good? Take a look at VanMoof’s new models, the A5 and S5, here.