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Via Instagram / @skyferreira

Did Sky Ferreira turn down a date with Elon Musk?

His mum is really upset 😠

This week, a tweet about Sky Ferreira rejecting Elon Musk went viral. The tweet in question – shared from a gossip account with barely any followers – claimed that the singer had declined the billionaire’s requests for a date, after being approached “by his team at 2022’s Met Gala”. 

Tragically, given the source, this is highly unlikely to be true. It is barely news. So why are we here, you ask? Why are you reading these words, and why am I wasting my time writing them? Perhaps because it could be true. Perhaps because there is no smoke without fire. Perhaps because I have 15 minutes to kill, and that may be enough time to find the fire.

So what are the facts? Elon Musk – an anti-unionist billionaire who tortures monkeys – was pictured sitting next to Ferreira at the Met Gala this year. It may have been a date, it may not. It may have just been an awkward seating set-up. Here is said picture:

Three days after this was taken, a tweet emerged claiming that Musk – a man who spent $44 billion on a short-form opinion app while the earth hurtles towards destruction – had got his team to ask Ferreira on a date that same evening, but was then rejected. The unsubstantiated claim came from @Pop_Crawe, a celebrity gossip account with under 500 followers that mostly just tweets banal facts about new music releases and Drew Barrymore.

Needless to say, all of this is as reliable as a stolen whisper on the wind. But it didn’t stop Elon Musk’s mum from getting involved and from sharing a rage-fuelled response. “There was no team. I was with Elon,” she typed. “NO”.

Musk – a man who once claimed to put the “art in fart” – has yet to comment on the issue, or tweet anything related to it. Sky Ferreira doesn‘t have Twitter, and probably hasn’t seen anything about any of this. Good for her x

UPDATE (7/5/22): Musk has finally addressed the rumours himself: the billionaire posted on Twitter last night that Ferriera was safe, and that he “didn’t ask out anyone or request particular seating” for the Met Gala. “This rumour originated from a parody account, but got picked up by real media and Twitter trends (sigh),” he confirmed.