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Cameron Herrin TikTok
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Fans try to free a TikToker from his prison sentence for being ‘too cute’

Content creator Cameron Herrin received a 24-year sentence after he killed a mother and daughter while speed racing in Florida

Cameron Herrin – a 21-year-old TikToker who amassed over 2 million followers – was sentenced to 24 years in prison on two counts of vehicular manslaughter in April. Now, fans of his are joining together in an attempt to lower his sentence.

In 2018, Herrin was participating in a street race in Tampa, Florida when he fatally hit 24-year-old Jessica Reisinger-Raubenolt and her 20-month-old daughter, Lillia, who were crossing the street at an intersection. According to the Tampa Bay Times, Herrin was driving at 100mph at the time and had previously received multiple warnings by police against speeding.

After receiving his sentence in April, the TikToker removed all content from his account. Fans, however, have created a petition asking for “justice” for Herrin because the “young boy lost everything” – it currently holds over 28k signatures. 

So far, TikToks about Herrin have gathered over 2.8 billion views. Most of the fan-posted videos show Herrin crying and drinking water at his court date, with many commenters stating that he’s “too cute for jail” and “deserves a second chance”. Some users even recreated his courtroom “look” – a suit and black mask. 

Other users, however, are speaking out against Herrin’s fans, stating that the TikToker has “white boy privilege”. One user commented, “Not y’all saying he deserves a second chance just because he’s cute,” while another said, “A white, cis, hetero American boy… what did you expect.”

Speaking to The Times, Herrin’s mother noted that his fans have an “unhealthy obsession” with him. Since the sentencing, she has received “scary” phone calls, experienced stalking, and her fiancé had his social media hacked.

Elsewhere, musician Charlie Puth told Herrin’s fans, “don’t use my music for this shit,” after one posted a video of Herrin in court which featured Puth’s song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” in the background.


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