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via Instagram @danielcasone

Kate Moss wants to tattoo people at Glastonbury

According to her friend, Daniel Casone, the supermodel’s latest venture is training to be a tattoo artist

Just after starring in London fashion brand Self Portrait’s AW21 campaign and selling a glimpse of her private life in an intimate series of £16,000 NFTs, supermodel Kate Moss is reportedly working on her latest life goal: becoming a professional tattoo artist. 

According to her close friend, tattoo artist Daniel Casone, the 47-year-old model – who has seven tattoos including love hearts, anchors, and her famous lower-back swallows tattoo – is learning the craft simply so that Casone and her can ink people at Glastonbury

“She called me to go up and tattoo her, and she ended up tattooing me as well,” Casone told the Sunday Mirror. “She gave me a ‘Kate’ and a love heart on my arm.”

As for the model’s tattooing skills, Casone admitted: “It was quite painful because (she) didn’t know what to do and (she) went quite deep, but I thought you know what, I don’t mind.” No matter the pain, however, Casone was more than willing to let her practise on him because ‘It’s Kate Moss.’

Alongside Moss, Casone is also training singer Rita Ora. “I give them the machine and they start shaking like a leaf,” said the artist. “They are out of their comfort zone, but it is an unforgettable experience.”

Luckily, with this year’s festival season once again called off due to COVID, it looks like Moss will have plenty of time to perfect the art. Sure, she might not have years of apprentice training, but we definitely will be queueing up for some Kate Moss original ink come Glastonbury 2022.