Joy Crookes’ advice to young POC on getting into the creative industries

Revisit the South London musician’s discussion with make-up artist Mata Marielle, broadcaster Lil C and Sony partnerships manager Pedro Powell

Infamously oversubscribed, London-centric, and built on nepotism, launching a career in the creative industries can seem daunting – add in the additional barriers faced by young creatives of colour, and it can feel overwhelming. And yet, anyone who knows culture knows that young people of colour are at the forefront of innovation in every single sphere – so how did they get there? This is the question South London musician (and 2020 Dazed 100er) Joy Crookes set out to answer in her essential panel discussion at the first ever Dazed 100 Academy.

Joined by rising make-up artist (and 2019 Dazed 100 name) Mata Marielle, Sony fashion and partnerships manager Pedro Powell and DJ and broadcaster Lil C, Joy took to the Zoomwaves to dispel myths, share wisdom and generally demystify the process of building a creative career. “When we were like 16, 17... the thought of being in our industries was wild,” Joy shared. “We definitely (felt we) had to have a parent that knew someone, that knows someone… and let’s be honest, we didn’t come from those kinds of backgrounds.”

Describing how she was jamming away on YouTube from her early teens, Joy shared that the ‘secret’ to her success is actually a pretty simple mantra: practice makes perfect. Watch the highlights reel above to discover how Mata connected and started working with collaborators (from her assistants to the legendary make-up artist Pat McGrath), plus Lil C’s tips on getting over ego and shame to ask for what you want, and Pedro’s insight into bringing the next generation through with you.