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Love Island Shaughna Phillips Coronavirus Track and Trace
Shaughna Phillips, Love Island 2019

The Tories paid influencers to promote its COVID Track and Trace program

Love Islanders urged people to crack on and get tested

While some LA-based influencers continue to throw extremely cool COVID parties and generally flout lockdown rules despite testing positive, social media stars in the UK are setting a more responsible example when it comes to the coronavirus. In exchange for some cold, hard cash (obvs) the Tories have been enlisting them to promote their coronavirus Test and Trace service, says The Guardian.

With a series of influencers, including former Love Islanders Shaughna Phillips, Chris Hughes, and Josh Denzel all involved, the group’s social media #ads formed part of an extensive NHS campaign to inform the public about the programme and encourage them to get tested. 

Posting a TBT photograph of herself on a night out, Phillips wrote “A throwback to what I love most! Nights out and good friends! Although this may feel like a distant memory to us all, we can all do our part to make sure we can get back to better times, as safely as possible. Guys, I want to remind you about the importance of coronavirus testing and that its (sic) totally free, quick, and is vital to stop the spread of coronavirus.” The 2019 Love Island contestant added details of her experience of the test itself and how her fans could get their hands on a home testing kit, before urging them to ‘do their part’. 

Elsewhere, Denzel posted a photo of himself on an empty highway, explaining that travelling was “the biggest thing I have missed over the past few months”. “@NHS has done an incredible job and now it’s our turn to help them out by getting tested - we all have a crucial role to play!” he added. With the posts racking up 26k and 18k respectively, given both Phillips and Denzel have over a million followers, each one is likely to have landed them somewhere in the region of £15,000. Casj.

With the NHS Test and Trace programme failing miserably in its early days (the Tories fucking something up? No way!), latest figures show that the system is now able to track down 75.5 per cent of close contacts in England – which, despite the influencers’ recent involvement, is still below their target of 80 per cent of contacts isolated within 72 hours. As the Love Islanders themselves would say: crack on, lads.