This beautiful film connects people from all across the world with a poem

This new short film bridges real connections across digital space as a cast of people from over 20 countries recite Kitty O’Meara’s viral poem ‘In The Time of Pandemic’

A group of women from all over the world who have (mostly) never met joined forces to produce a short film and combat the aftermath of social isolation. Inspired by Kitty O’Meara’s viral poem ‘In the Time of Pandemic’, And the People narrates the stories of resilience and human solidarity that characterise these times of crisis. 

Combining content from opposite sides of the world, the short-film – created by an all-female team led by filmmakers Julia Ngeow and Marion Bergin – aims at providing financial support to women fighting Coronavirus on the frontline and those vulnerable to domestic violence.

Premiering on Dazed today, And the People is an artistic vehicle to collect donations for the UN Women’s COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund. An initiative that stresses the importance of standing for women that, due to the current circumstances, are being increasingly exposed to both health risks and domestic abuse. 

“We want to support women who aren’t in a privileged position like us that have a safe place to stay, by raising awareness and support for them,” said Ash Halliburton, one of the film’s producers.

Through a collection of readings in ten different languages, shot in more than 20 countries, the short film celebrates human connections amid a global pandemic. “It’s been one of the most interesting collaborations I’ve ever done, in the most unusual circumstances,” Bergin said from isolation in Ireland.

Just like Ngeow, an Australian on lockdown in New York, Bergin contacted O’Meara to share the ideas that her lines had sparked in her. The remote collaboration between the two was in fact born thanks to the author’s suggestion.

Proving that individuals differing in gender, age, culture, ethnicity, and ability can come together in moments of uncertainty to preserve the rights of vulnerable ones, this film – created “by the people for the people” – counters the negative consequences of COVID-19 by sharing a message of global solidarity.

Watch And the People above.