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Greta Thunberg
via Instagram (@gretathunberg)

Greta Thunberg doesn’t want to meet any more politicians for selfies

The teenage activist is tired of the continued requests for PR-boosting meetings

Greta Thunberg has always only been interested in one thing: stopping climate change. What she doesn’t want is to constantly be asked to meet with politicians, or hang out with celebrities just so they can take selfies, which will then be shared to improve their credibility. 

The 16-year-old, who was announced as TIME’s Person Of The Year this week, has been pushed further and further into the spotlight over the course of the last couple of years as the face of the youthful uprising against humanity’s incessant march towards the end of the planet. She’s done magnificently in this role, providing a truly inspirational voice that demands attention – but the attention has also impinged on her time in ways that she didn’t anticipate and is now starting to dislike.

In a video interview as part of her TIME profile, she said: “As often as I can, I try to say no to meetings with politicians. It’s just small talk basically. And of course they want to take selfies,” before adding with a sigh, “I’m a bit tired of selfies right now”.

Her concerns about people in power were expressed further in a conversation with Associated Press, in which the teen said: “The real danger is when politicians and CEOs are making it look like real action is happening, when in fact almost nothing is being done, apart from clever accounting and creative PR.”

In the same interview she (unsurprisingly) admits that over Christmas she “would like to be left alone”. However, she’s still accepting invitations to travel, starting with a a climate strike in Turin this week, before returning to school in Sweden next August.