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Shia LaBeouf’s Sacred Spectacle 11
Photography Aaron Sinclair

Photos from Shia LaBeouf’s Sacred Spectacle with Jaden Smith and YG

A range of incredible artists came together in LA to party and raise money for Slauson Rec. Theater Company

Last Saturday, Shia LaBeouf celebrated turning 33-year-old by eating an entire, raw cabbage. For fans of the actor and performance artist, this won’t even remotely come as a surprise – after all, this is the man who asked members of the public to ring him on the phone, stood in a lift at Oxford University for 24 hours and came head-to-head with a white supremacist in a Nazi uniform. What’s a bit of vegetable play in a lifetime of boundary-pushing, live art? Well, as it turns out, there’s more to the story. The Honey Boy actor invited a host of famous faces who fuck with his vision, including Jaden Smith, YG, Kamaiyah, and Vic Mensa, to his fundraiser at his very own theatre school in LA, Slauson Rec. 

LaBeouf, who has achieved sobriety in recent months, announced the event, billed as the Sacred Spectacle, in a short Twitter video: “In the spirit of getting my shit together, we’re throwing a big party. Or more to the point, we’re throwing a fundraiser,” he said. With the intention of raising money for his rapidly developing theatre group, set up ten months ago, proceedings ranged from LaBeouf squirting water into the mouth of another performer and a preview of a play developed by his theatre group to Shlomo playing as the night’s official DJ. 

We attended the epic event to see what went down.