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Minecraft Berghain
via Reddit (u/throwawayforlewdstuf)

Someone’s made a Minecraft version of Berghain

Gamers, Redditors, clubbers unite

You might have been knocked back from the infamous Berlin superclub Berghain, or if you were lucky enough to get in, had your phone camera obscured by a sticker on the door to keep up the club’s cult allure, but that doesn't really matter now. You can replicate the whole experience in Minecraft. Reddit user u/throwawayforlewdstuf posted their creation on r/techno, a momentus reproduction of the Berghain entrance, dancefloor, and all its ins and outs. The video was shared on Twitter by Resident Advisor editor Will Lynch.

“A couple days ago I decided to build Berghain in Minecraft,” they wrote in the subforum. “It took a bit longer than expected, and there are still some parts that I couldn’t quite finish (let me know if there are spots that seem wrong), but to me it seems accurate enough. I’d like to mention that some people on here helped me out with details/floorplans, etc... thank you guys!”

An attached YouTube video walks us through the club – from the queue, to the stamp room, the eisbar, and the Saüle chillout room, and main dancefloor, it’s an incredibly detailed model of what so many would-be ravers never get to see beyond big bad Sven the bouncer. Sure, it’s constructed out of 8-bit blocks and there isn't a single curved edge in the entire building, but it’s pretty true-to-life.

The Redditor added that they may add it to a server so others could use the map, with an added “Berghain-themed techno playlist”. The user also said they may start building other iconic clubs and nights: Tresor, ://about blank, Renate, Sisyphos, Griessmühle. “That would make for a cool ‘techno clubs’ map!” they say.

Watch the walkthrough of the building here: