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This docu-comedy series imagines how Earth would be advertised to aliens

It’s out of this world (...sorry)

Look, we’ve all seen Men In Black, and we all are aware, therefore, that there are aliens knocking about on this planet. Okay – maybe we’re not there quite yet, but what if that’s because we haven’t advertised Earth as an amazing vacation destination?

Enter, stage left: Visit Earth, a six-part travel show created for S7 Airlines by Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, that’s showing just how we could advertise our little planet to would-be extraterrestrial visitors. Each episode gives a quick run-down on one of the many things that make Earth a good place to live; from “vibrations that make your body move” (music), to “food with holes in it, that’s really sweet” (donuts), and the superiority of our gravitational pull compared to that of Mars (suck it, red planet), allowing us to develop sports. There’s also nature, love, and art, if that’s more your kind of thing. 

While this series is designed to encourage more of that sweet, sweet extra-terrestrial tourism, it might be worth seeing it as an invitation to enjoy more of what makes our planet great and to try and preserve those things (following a high-key terrifying February heatwave). See: the food episode. Come for the “pizza-is-a-way-of-attracting-aliens-to-earth” conspiracy theories (honestly I’m not 100% sure this isn’t true? Pizza is a god-tier food, I’m sure aliens are well up for trying some), stay for the “things in dough” musical interlude. As well as just showing off some tasty tasty treats, the episode explains the rituals of food and everything that goes with it, from the first coffee in the morning, to family dinners where your nan casually admits to assault with a rolling pin while getting her lasagne out of the oven. 

In the episode all about art, aliens get a chance to learn about “inspiration” – or, as we now call it, “the amazing Earth stuff that transforms normal things into amazing things”. It’s a kooky premise, but it’s also a sincere celebration of what makes humans so, well, human: we process the world around us and turn it into the most phenomenal creations, using imagination. (Or, uh, the thing without which “none of this art stuff would exist”).

Watch the trailer below, to get a sense of the scope of the whole series (and watch all the episodes by clicking here).