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London’s New Year’s Eve fireworks celebrated inclusivity

Mayor Sadiq Khan had a pro-Europe message as the capital rang in the New Year

It’s officially 2019 which means people are putting down their drinks as Dry January begins and New Year’s resolutions kick into action. You might also think life’s too short and the world’s too shit to mess about with pacts with yourself, which is totally fair.

London’s mayor Sadiq Khan, had a positive message to send as the clock counted down to 2019 last night at the capital’s famous Southbank NYE firework display.

Khan dedicated the yearly display to the city’s “relationship with Europe” in a statement of inclusivity and openness in light of Britain’s vote to leave the European Union.

“I’m proud that this year the millions watching around the world will see us send a message of support to more than one million EU citizens who call London their home,” the mayor said beforehand.

“By paying tribute to our close relationship with Europe as we welcome in the New Year,” he added, “we will once again show the world that London will always be open.”

Around 100,000 spectators attended the celebration at the side of the Thames last night, in the British capital in which more than one million EU citizens live.

On March 29, 2019, Brexit will officially happen after British voters chose to exit the bloc in a referendum on June 23, 2016. Whether a deal will be reached amid the clusterfuck of politics by then is unknown.

At least someone’s trying to make this year a little nicer than the last.