Watch this surreal cooking show teaching you how to make the worst food

Sangria hummus? Sounds... disgusting

“Lily Marotta has been one of my closest friends for almost ten years now and an actress and comedian I just know very soon that the world will know. Lily starred in a very popular web series about the life of Monica Lewinsky, has guest starred on HBO's High Maintenance, started and hosts an evening that is now a staple of NYC Lesbian nightlife called ‘L- Word Trivia’, as well an an improv class she co-teaches called ‘Kitchen Improv’. You go queen, we stan a butch in boots!” – Mykki Blanco, guest editor of Dazed, August 2018

The only thing worse than making and eating sangria hummus, is making and eating sangria hummus to the sound of bagpipes.

In this short film, comedian and Talk Hole alumni Lily Marotta channels the mundane horror of daytime TV cooking shows by rustling up a dysfunctional treat, perfect for literally no occasion.

With the obnoxious personality of Guy Fieri and the saccharine style of Queer Eye’s Antoni (don’t think we didn’t notice that artfully folded dish towel over the shoulder), Marotta presents Danny’s Food Corner. Marotta plays Danny, a father, mixologist, and of course, a coach, who presents an instructional dip recipe.

Like any TV chef worth their salt, Danny describes the ingredients as “international”, “Parisian...but kind of Spanish?” all while offering random food “facts”, along with musings about his estranged wife. Danny’s Food Corner is an anti-hit show, brought to you by the food scene’s new anti-hero.