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Millie Bobby Brown quits Twitter after she’s turned into ‘homophobic’ meme

A satirical meme has claimed the Stranger Things actor as a victim

Millie Bobby Brown has deactivated her Twitter, after becoming the subject of a series of ironic memes that attributed fake anti-LGBTQ quotes to her.

The Stranger Things actor’s image has been shared with homophobic captions, something that, as Vulture reports, is being enjoyed by members of the LGBTQ community. 

“Good morning to everyone except gay people,” says one caption over a Snapchat filtered picture of the 14-year-old. Others are captioned with much more graphic and vile content. 

In actuality, away from satirical memes, Millie Bobby Brown is a passionate supporter of LGBTQ rights. She started the Twitter account @Milliestopshate as an anti-bullying campaign in July last year.

According to reports, the meme comes from a 2017 tweet, which gave a false account of the actor ripping off a fan’s hijab. This is quite like the false Snapchat story spread about Demi Lovato, which claimed she had spoken hatefully to a fan, and then sparked a similar meme format.