There’s a retreat in Costa Rica that’s just for women of colour

It's a yoga-focussed oasis with a self-care spa where the worries of oppression feel far away

The new vacation trend for 2018 is segregation. News surfaced of a woman only health-focussed oasis off the coast of Finland last week, which is understandable, as sometimes we need to escape the patriarchy.

Fittingly, Vice News have now travelled to meet Andrea X, an expatriate who created the Women of Color Healing Retreat in Costa Rica. She told the channel that she had a hard time communicating with white people in the U.S. without focusing on their constant “micro-aggressions” and “passive-aggressiveness.”

“I left the United States because I was sick of the gentrification (and) racism, just dealing with being this black woman and trying to figure it out”, she explained.

Her website goes into further detail. Andrea has set up a Paypal for donations to the retreat, and has outlined her mission statement. “We believe that it is important for us to have spaces within and outside of the United States and while we recognise that we have the glory, black people are still in need of the finances necessary to sustain any foundation”, it reads.

Some white responses on Twitter were predictable. One asked: “Where is the WHITE ONLY RETREAT?” Another user, who appropriately goes by @Jackhole6, replied: “Please tell miss x thank you for leaving and please don't come back.”

Guys these tweets only reinforce the need for WOC-only spaces!