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Anonymous Sex Journal compiles the dirtiest, sweetest coming of age stories

Do you remember your first time?

The Anonymous Sex Journal is the place to go for raw, honest stories about sexual encounters that you might never be able to talk about out loud. Now in its sixth iteration, this time around the printed journal is taking a look at coming of age stories.

“This issue felt like a necessary one to create,” writes the creator of the journal, Alex Tieghi-Walker. ”It had been on the back-burner for just over a year until I moved from London to California, where I met Jeffrey Cheung and his team at Unity, a queer skate and print collective based in sunny Oakland, California.

Unity has formed a fearless family of rainbow warriors on the Eastern shores of the San Francisco Bay (and now further afield) and has become a positive and encouraging force during this very strange time on our earth. Conversations about identity and the communities that shaped the Unity collective inspired the latest theme.”

Founded with the aim to amuse and encourage new dialogue on how we talk about sex, this issue of the journal publishes 21 stories alongside Cheung’s playful sketches. Read some excerpts below.

Visit The Anonymous Sex Journal to add your stories to this library of honesty in utter and entire secrecy, and to keep this community growing. Buy a copy of the journal here.