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Frances Bean Cobain
@space_witch666 on Instagram

Frances Bean Cobain has started a witchy food Instagram

....and a brand new cooking YouTube channel

Frances Bean Cobain, visual artist and daughter of Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain, is branching out past art and music into cooking with the launch of her new Instagram page, @spacewitchin_in_thekitchen, on Tuesday evening. Via her other Instagram page @space_witch666, Frances has announced that she will now be posting daily cooking routines, recipes and ideas as well as step-by-step videos on her Instagram story.

The artist will also be launching a YouTube channel, although she hasn’t uploaded any videos yet. The Instagram page shows a few recipes already – baked eggs in avocados, bratwurst and butternut squash hash, and poached egg with mustard hollandaise and pork chashu.

The bio of the page says “let food be thy medicine”, but right now we can’t work out if the recipes are going to derive inspiration from the occult, or if there’s gonna be a cauldron, but we can only hope.