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Watch Adwoa Aboah and Hanne Gaby talk mental health on the Dazed sofas

The British model and activist created Gurls Talk to empower, support and inspire a community of girls – watch her and her friends discuss what they do to feel better

Gurls Talk, the ground-breaking online platform founded by model and activist Adwoa Aboah, is dedicated to helping young women find their voices. The mental health community was created by Aboah, who has a history with mental health issues, as a space to promote empowerment, self-care, and community. It’s since blossomed into videos, articles and real-life talks and events with a number of incredible speakers including Hari Nef and Hanne Gaby Odiele.

The community aims to provide a safe and trusting environment where girls can safely and openly share their experiences. In their latest video in collaboration with Dazed, “Gurls Talk About the Little Things We Do When We Feel…”, some of the girls lounge around on sofas chatting about the things that make them feel better when they’re down and sharing tips. Adwoa says that she is “obsessed” with boxing, because it clears her head in “a second” and the moves slow everything down so you forget about “everything that’s been happening outside that room”.

Holly Gore says that she goes with the tried-and-tested teenage tactic of blaring music really loud in her bedroom, especially music by people who are going through a hard time. Model (and Adwoa’s sister) Kesewa Aboah says that she loves to go to art and hardware stores to chill out because if you’re in those shops “you’ve got so many possibilities in life and can make whatever you want” which makes her really happy. She also loves to make fires; a trick her dad taught her and that makes her feel better because it’s so methodical.

The video encourages viewers to know what they need when they feel any kind of down; be it PMS, depression, self-loathing, or anything else. It’s soothing and full of practical tips for viewers who are going through their own difficulties in life, with Adwoa discussing her former drug addiction and Kesewa encouraging all viewers to talk to the people who pick them up when they’re down. The girls all discuss the things that make them feel better, in the hope that it’ll help some viewers out, too.

The video, just the latest in a ton of exciting and helpful things Gurls Talk have coming out lately, is out now, and you can watch it below.