Laverne Cox and Beyoncé are working on a secret project

Oh. My. God.

Two angels from above, Laverne Cox and Beyonce, are reportedly working on a secret project. The actor and musician both met for the first time at the Grammys. Speaking to Access Hollywood, the Orange is the New Black star said of Bey: “I thought the first time I’d meet Beyoncé I’d start crying and freak out. I thought I was going to cry but I swear a sense of calm comes over you when you meet the Queen.”

Of their mysterious collaboration, Cox said: “I’m like, does she pick out her biggest fan ever and work with her? It’s pretty amazing.”

Though there aren’t major details just yet, Cox confirmed the project on Instagram, and said more would be revealed September 6.

So is Bey going to be donning the OITNB jumpsuit? Will Laverne be Lemonading? Or will they join forces and rule the universe? I submit.