Watch a neo-Nazi cry because police might be looking for him

Christopher Cantwell, who says he wants ‘someone more racist than Trump’ in the White House, is now weeping on camera about a possible warrant being out for his arrest

Christopher Cantwell is a neo-Nazi who was marching through Charlottesville at the time that James Fields drove his car through a crowd of protestors, killing Heather Heyer. He was filmed at the time by Vice describing “little black assholes behaving like savages”, referring to Trayvon Martin and 12-year-old Tamir Rice, shot by a neighbourhood watch volunteer and a police officer respectively. Cantwell described white people as being generally not inclined to such behaviour, such as behaving like assholes.

He said he was “trying to make himself more capable of violence”, criticised Trump for “giving his daughter to a Jew” and was maced by unidentified attackers. “Heil Cantwell”, his supporters shouted. Cantwell was also on camera agreeing with a fellow white supremacist that the city was run by “Jewish Communists and criminal n*ggers”.

Anyway, here he is after Charlottesville crying after hearing rumours that there is a rumour out for his arrest. Sympathy levels set to zero.