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Twilight(Film Still)

A new Twilight television series is coming

Will someone please come up with an original idea 💕

It’s been over ten years since we last fought with our friends, families and grandparents over whether they were #TeamEdward or #TeamJacob. Bread has been broken, and the past is in the past. Or so we thought. 

On Wednesday (April 19), The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Lionsgate is working on adapting Stephenie Meyer’s vampire romance series Twilight for television. Sinead Daly, who has writing credits for The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and The Get Down, is allegedly attached to write the script for the television adaptation.

The Twilight television series is still in its early stages. Daly is still determining if the show will be a remake of Meyer’s books or a different offshoot of the story. Additionally, the series does not yet have a network or platform, and there isn’t a timeline for when the Twilight series will be taken out to potential buyers. What we do know is that Meyer will be involved in the adaptation. 

The Twilight Saga was an incredibly successful film franchise. The five-film series grossed a total of $3.4bn (2.7bn) worldwide and launched the careers of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. As a result, fans of the franchise are not pleased that the reboot could tarnish its legacy. One Twitter user remarked, “No one could EVER play Edward Cullen better than Robert Pattinson.” A similar tweet was later made about Stewart, with another user declaring that they should stop trying to make the series now as “nobody will match her [Stewart as Bella].”

Another important argument against the reboot is how the Twilight Saga misrepresented and financially exploited the Quileute tribe, a Native American community in Western Washington State. The Twilight saga featured the Quileute tribe heavily, with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) being a Quileute tribe member along with the rest of his family and werewolf pack. Additionally, the second instalment of the Twilight film series, New Moon, was mostly set and filmed on the Quileute reservation. Despite this, the Quileute people have allegedly never received financial compensation from the franchise for using their history and mythology. Their lack of compensation was last reported in 2010, and there hasn’t been any update about payment to the Quileute Nation since. The Burke Museum, an online resource dedicated to dismantling myths about the Quileute people, argued that Twilight played into racist stereotypes about Native American people, representing the Quileute tribe as overtly sexual and “virile aggressive meatheads.”

The news of the Twilight series comes after last week’s announcements from Warner Bros’ about the new Harry Potter series, Lord of the Rings movie and The Big Bang Theory spinoff. It’s important to note that Lionsgate is also responsible for the new Hunger Games movie coming out later this year. No matter how much we kick and scream about our hatred of reboots, they just keep coming. So we might as well accept that they’re being made and pray they suffer the same fate as HBO’s 2021 Gossip Girl reboot (RIP).

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