Watch the trailer for A24’s new Andrew Callaghan documentary

If you ever dreamt about seeing both Alex Jones and Andrew Callaghan topless in the same room, you’re in luck

HBO has dropped the trailer for This Place Rules, the upcoming documentary detailing “the perfect storm in the months preceding the Capitol attack”. The documentary, led by journalist Andrew Callaghan of All Gas No Breaks and Channel 5 News fame, is set to be released on December 30 through HBO Max. It was produced by A24, Jonah Hill, Eric Wareheim and Tim Heidecker. 

The trailer promises everything we’ve come to expect from Callaghan’s unique brand of Gen Z gonzo journalism. The documentarian has emerged as one of the most prominent young journalists working today, with his unpolished aesthetic and casual approach allowing interviewees to speak openly, leading to some outlandish and insightful responses. This Place Rules looks to provide insight into the more chaotic side of American politics, such as the Proud Boys organisation, mail vote fraud accusations and other erroneous conspiracy theories that have been fabricated by members of the far-right movement over the past few years.

Far-right poster boy Alex Jones is featured in the trailer, with him and Callaghan both topless and working out together before an inebriated Jones falls through a bench. It’s also great to see Callaghan foray into the world of feature length documentaries as he and his team have been creating interesting, informative and entertaining documentaries for years now. At the start of his career, Callaghan covered everything from music festivals to Bigfoot hunters, but in the past couple of years he has shifted to more politically charged content.

Watch the trailer for This Place Rules above.