Pamela Anderson, Sky Ferreira and Paris Hilton star in OnlyFans slasher

Welcome to the era of Flickbait cinema

In a sentence seemingly cooked up specifically for this website, Paris Hilton, Sky Ferreira, and Pamela Anderson are starring in an “erotic” slasher movie… based on OnlyFans… with access to streaming only available with the purchase of an NFT.

18 & Over is the latest entry into the Flickbait category, starring, produced by and co-created by Ashley Benson of Pretty Little Liars. The premise of the indie horror is as follows: a woman reels from a break-up in a remote cabin at the height of the COVID pandemic. While there, she models lingerie for a rabble of filthy followers on an adults-only site called 18 & Over – until the power goes out, that is – and she is hounded by a crowbar-wielding psychopath. 

10,000 NFT “tickets” go on sale today for $263 each, raking in a $2.63 million total for its crypto-producers. Then, from August 12, each NFT owner will be able to watch the film for a two-month period via a private link. The future! Of cinema! Has arrived! And I’m exhausted! In addition to early access streaming, “long-term holders” of the NFTs will receive perks like virtual hangouts with the cast and director, and a financial rebate once 18 and Over hits public distribution… at some point in the future. 

It all sounds very confusing but presumably there are some pretty hefty overheads to shift, given that the ensemble of talent also includes Winnie Harlow, A$AP Nast, and G-Eazy. Access to the film will be granted via Nifty Gateway, the digital collectables marketplace that has previously held NFT drops for Warner Bros’ Space Jam: A New Legacy and The Matrix Resurrections. “The way we experience movies is about to change,” the film’s Instagram account reads, “hit the link in the bio, disrupt the movie industry.” It runs alongside a collage of tungsten-lit boobs and The Silence of The Lambs masks.

Anyway, watch the trailer above.