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Bound (1996)

Ethan Coen is bringing us a lesbian road trip sex comedy

Say goodbye to melancholy beach walks, lesbians – now we’re getting a severed head in a hatbox

Lesbians movies, as of late, have tended towards the melancholic; wistful depictions of restrained relationships full of longing glances, lingering touches and bonnets. Quite frankly we’re sick of it. Enter an unlikely hero: Ethan Coen.

Half of the celebrated filmmaking duo The Coen Brothers, Ethan is breaking out on his own to direct what sounds like an absolute romp of a lesbian road trip film. Inspired by the campy sexploitation films of Russ Meyer, the sex comedy centres on a “a skirt-chasing party girl” who takes a trip from Philadelphia to Miami with her buttoned-up friend. Along the way they cruise “every lesbian bar on the eastern seaboard” and encounter, among other things, a women’s soccer team, “a severed head in a hatbox, a bitter ex-girlfriend, a mystery briefcase and an evil senator”, The Hollywood Reporter reports

The film is based on a script Coen wrote with his wife Tricia Cooke in the mid-2000s. In 2007, Coen told the Los Angeles Times that the sensibility was “exploitative but innocent”. The film appears to have originally been called “Drive-Away Dykes” but currently is untitled. Selma Blair, Holly Hunter, Christina Applegate and Chloe Sevigny have all been attached to the project at various times over the years. As of yet no cast is confirmed, however the project is reportedly gearing up to film this summer.

Straight white men haven’t historically been known for their nuanced and accurate portrayal of queer female relationships, so it’s possible we’re in for a bit of a shit show. But it’s also time for the lesbians to have some good, messy fun so, until further notice, we will be optimistically awaiting more news.