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Watch the long-awaited trailer for Slow Machine, starring Chloë Sevigny

The film – described as a ‘miniature epic of music, murder, espionage, and paranoia’ – has been in the works since 2015

Back in 2015, it emerged that a Chloë Sevigny-starring film was in need of financial assistance, and had set up a crowdfunder to get it off the ground. Now, six years later, it’s finally ready for release.

Titled Slow Machine, the film follows disillusioned actor Stephanie (portrayed by Stephanie Hayes) as she endures a turbulent break-up with NYPD counter-terrorism specialist Gerard (Scott Shepherd). In an attempt to escape, she moves into a band’s house just as they’re recording an album. That band happens to be Eleanor Friedberger’s – best known as half of indie rock duo The Fiery Furnaces – and, although the film is fictional, it does partially depict the recording of her 2013 track, “Your World”.

The film’s trailer, released yesterday (May 13), appears to show Stephanie and Gerard’s first meeting, as well as their break-up, and Stephanie’s arrival in the band’s house. “She said she was afraid of retribution,” one band member says of the protagonist. “That’s the word she used. That’s heavy shit.” Sevigny also makes an appearance to give a brief monologue about a mysterious and worrying encounter.

Directed by Paul Felten and Joe DeNardo, the film’s official synopsis calls it “a miniature epic of music, murder, espionage, and paranoia”. The 2015 kickstarter for the film describes it as “Andy Warhol directs a Whit Stillman thriller”, and confirms that it was entirely filmed in 16mm.

The film premiered at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam in January last year, and screened at the New York Film Festival in October. There’s no news on an official release date yet.

Watch the trailer for Slow Machine below, and look back at Dazed’s interview with Sevigny here, in which she discusses working with Luca Guadagnino, becoming a mum, and her fashion evolution.