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Netflix ‘Social Distance’
Via YouTube, Netflix

The trailer for Netflix’s socially distanced series is here

Warning: it might make you miss Zoom quizzes

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming series Social Distance opens with two friends speaking over Zoom amid coronavirus lockdown. “What’s up man?” asks one, “I just called to say hi,” his friend replies. “Is everything alright?” says the first, to which the other responds, “Yeah... I mean, no.”

It’s an exchange that sums up 2020 – a year defined by virtual friendships, long-distance relationships, and grief. As stay-at-home orders were imposed across the world earlier this year – and are still being enforced to this day – those confined to their homes turned to technology to provide their fix of human connection.

That’s what Netflix’s new show is all about. The brainchild of the Orange is the New Black creators and crew, Jenji Kohan, Tara Herrmann, Hilary Weisman Graham, and Diego Velasco, as well as Blake McCormick (Mad Men), Social Distance “showcases the power of the human spirit in the face of uncertainty and isolation”, with each episode telling a new story and starring a different set of characters.

The cast includes Becky Ann Baker (Girls), Danielle Brooks (Orange is the New Black), Mike Colter (American Horror Story), Max Jenkins (Dead to Me), Brian Jordan Alvarez (Will & Grace), Oscar Nunez (The Office), Guillermo Díaz (Scandal), and more.

First announced in April, the eight-part series was conceived, cast, and produced entirely remotely during quarantine. According to the official synopsis, Social Distance “aims to provide some much-needed catharsis during a tumultuous time, while also capturing a snapshot of this singular moment in history”.

The trailer sees families, partners, and friends connect via video call, with all the technological problems that comes with it. The series is even set to explore the monumental Black Lives Matter protests, which began while most of us were still in isolation.

Basically, it’s heartwarming AF, and – weirdly – will make you miss lockdown. Watch it below.

Social Distance will premiere on Netflix on October 15