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via Instagram (@addisonraee)

TikTok’s Addison Rae will star in gender-swapped She’s All That remake

Rae will play an influencer who transforms the nerdy boy in school into the prom king for the 1999 teen rom-com remake

Whether it’s launching her own makeup line or starring in Kim Kardashian’s campaign as a SKIMS model and hosting a regular podcast with her mum, TikTok star Addison Rae has been keeping busy. Now, the 19-year-old is starring in her debut film.

Rae is going to be playing one of the lead roles in the upcoming remake of 90s classic rom-com, She’s All That. But unlike the original, which saw a high school jock transform a nerdy girl into prom queen, the roles will be gender-swapped. According to Variety, the film’s titled He’s All That, and instead of playing Rachel Leigh Cook’s character Laney, she’s going to take Freddie Prinze Jr.’s place as a gender-swapped Zach.

Rae will play an influencer, like herself, named Padget who transforms the nerdy boy in school into the prom king. The film will be directed by the same writer who wrote the original 1999 movie, and will be produced by Miramax – which is no longer owned by the Weinstein brothers. Mean Girls and Freaky Friday director Mark Waters will be directing the film.

“This reboot is a welcomed step towards a new generation of Miramax storytelling, part of our greater strategy to leverage our existing library with fresh, re-imagined content in both film and TV,” Miramax CEO Bill Block told Variety.

Rae made the announcement on her Instagram, saying: “AHHHHH!!! My dreams are coming true!!! I’m so excited to finally share the news that i am getting the opportunity to make my acting debut in HE’S ALL THAT which is a remake of one of my all time favorite movies, SHE’S ALL THAT.”

She added: “I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me and none of it would have ever happened without every single one of you. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!! I can’t wait for you to see it!!!”

“I can’t wait to work with this amazing team and everyone involved in making the film and am so thankful to everyone who gave me this incredible opportunity. THANK YOU!! I’m so excited for y'all to meet Padget!!!”

Watch the original trailer for the 1999 film below.