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Versace Mansion Selling Sunset
Selling Sunset (2020) Netflix

Inside the Versace (Versace, Versace) house on Selling Sunset season three

It’s pronounced Versach-e(at the rich)

Scandalous drama, Shakespearean rivalries, Christine’s face-lift ponytails – there’s a lot to love about Selling Sunset, the Netflix reality show following the exploits of the Oppenheim Group, an LA real estate brokerage that specialises in luxury. It’s the glimpses into these lavish, multi-million dollar mansions, however, that are the real draw of the show. House porn filled with infinity pools, chandeliers, and sprawling views of the twinkling city below.

There’s been countless grandiose houses seen on the programme but the “Versace Mansion” in season three might be the most extravagant, and excessive, one yet.

Known as the Versace Mansion West (so as not to be confused with the real Versace Mansion in Miami also known as Villa Casa Casuarina), the house gets its name from its extreme Versace-themed interiors and design details. Think everything from wallpaper and dining ware to bedding.

The house appears on episode five of the new season of Selling Sunset when Chrishell, Mary, and Amanza take a tour. “When this house first hit the market, we knew we had to see it in person,” Chrishell says in the episode. “It looked so crazy in the photos, a bunch of us have just given it the moniker of the ‘Versace house’ just because there is so much Versace in the house: wallpaper, glasses, dishes, all these things that I never even knew Versace made.”

Built in 1998, the mansion is located in the gated community of Bel Air Crest and boasts five bedrooms and six bathrooms as well as views of the ocean and the Getty museum. At the time of filming it was on the market for $8,950,000 – and Chrishell estimated the furniture alone added up to $9 million – although it appears to have since been sold.

Before you even enter the house you are greeted by two lion statues guarding the front door and a huge chandelier overhead. When you walk in, you come into a huge hallway with a double bridal staircase and a second spectacular crystal chandelier above. The kitchen, dining room, sitting room and bathrooms are all equally as lavish and Versace-themed. There’s also five fireplaces, a cinema room, with its own popcorn machine natch, and an (in our opinion) off-brand Bentley Motors leather sofa and Louis Vuitton suitcases next to the bathtub.

To access the outdoor space including a pool, spa, lounge area, and outdoor kitchen with a fire pit and BBQ, there is a second double staircase so you can make your glamorous movie-star entrance. Take a peek inside the mansion above or watch this video below for an even more in-depth look.